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Etrica Power helps you to step toward a brighter tomorrow

Etrica Power- Your trusted Solar Project Supplier

Etrica Power was established as a comprehensive solution catering to all your solar energy requirements. Our primary objective is to address the most challenging issues in the industry while ensuring a customer-centric approach through optimized processes.

We firmly believe that transitioning to renewable energy is an investment in our future. Each solar panel and inverter we offer contributes to India’s journey towards a more sustainable tomorrow. With our presence in Rajasthan and Gujarat, we actively support these regions in their progress towards a greener and more environmentally friendly future. 

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Our fundamental values- Innovation and Sustainability

Etrica constantly aims to accelerate the reach and make this world a greener and better place to live in by accelerating the clean energy transition and making a carbon-free world.  This will take the solar industry to new heights with product developments and optimized energy cost ratios using advanced technologies.

We constantly aim to innovate and make this world a greener and better place to live in by accelerating the clean energy distribution and making a carbon-free world.

We believe in making an everlasting connection with our customers. We are connected to 15 cities in India, catering to residential, commercial, and industrial energy

“Solar Energy is the future- Our Every Step Matters!”

Solar energy holds the key to a sustainable energy future. Our focus is to conserve for generations to come with renewable energy at its best use.

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Shop No. 15 & 16, A-Block, Nursery Circle, JDA Market, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Raj. (302021)

Lets make our future greener with solar energy

Etrica power always upholds the highest standards of quality and sustainability in choosing and delivering the smart energy source to the consumers. With an aim to develop a world-class portfolio of renewable energy resources by making India an emission-free, clean country.